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Berikut benda - benda yang ada di Alkitab.
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Object Meaning
Altar Place of sacrifice and incense
Anchor Security of the believer
Apparel Man's need of covering
Ark Fulness of Godhead; salvation
Armor Divine equipment for warfare
Arrow Suffering and conviction
Axe Instrument of judgment
Balances Scarcity; man being weighed
Banner Standard lifted high
Barns Man's storehouse for the future
Basket Divine provision for man's need
Beam Rafter
Bed Place for rest
Bell Sweet sound of the voice
Brass The capacity of Jesus to endure judgment for sin
Bread Jesus is our Living Bread
Breastplate Faith and love, protection
Bricks and slime Towel of Babel material
Chain Binding of Satan, darkness, bondage
Chariots Transportation
Cistern Man's hewn-out well of water
City Stability, permanency, security
Cloak Protection from the weather
Closet Secret place of prayer
Cord, Scarlet Thread of atonement
Cup Fulness of joy, judgment
Cymbal Instrument of joy
Door Jesus is our Entrance into life and truth
Eye Salve Anointing of the Holy Spirit, healing for eyes
Flour (fine) Refined, perfect humanity of Christ and saints
Fortress/Tower Protection, safety
Furnace Trial, affliction, pressure
Garment Covering
Hammer Word of God
Harp Instrument of praise
Harps Prophetic spirit; worship
Helmet Protection for the mind
House The church
Iron, Brass Judgment
Lamp Word of God, Spirit of God, Spirit of man
Linen (fine) Righteousness of the saints and Jesus' holiness, righteousness, and sinless humanity
Loaves (3) Fulness of Godhead as bread
Manna Christ our heavenly manna, divine health, food
Nail Christ or antichrist
Net Gospel power to catch men
Ointment Unction, charisma of the Holy Spirit
Pillar Stability, security, support
Plumbline Divine standard
Rod Measuring or judging
Seive Divine sifting
Sickle (sharp) Reaping instrument - Word of God
Soap Cleaning for sin
Staff Shepherd's protection
Stone, head, corner Building aligned from and crowned by Christ
Sword (2 edged) The Word of God by the Spirit
Tent Pilgrim or stranger, covering
Throne Sovereignty of God
Tower Safety, the Lord's name
Trumpet Voice of prophetic utterance
Well Eternal life, salvation
Wheel Speedy, divine transportation
Window Illumination

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